Actif Draw Prizes!

As if riding or running all day with some great people on an epic winter trail through friendly communities wasn’t enough, we’ve got some great draw prizes lined up.  Here are three really exciting ones:

  • The good folks at Surly Bikes have donated a Pugsley frameset – the ubiquitous winter and all terrain bike.  The floatation and traction afforded by the Pugsley’s large-volume, low-pressure tires can get you over and through otherwise unrideable terrain… sand, mud, wet rocks and roots, ice and many kinds of snow.
  • Our friends at The Training Co-op have contributed a set of Redfeather Hike 25 snowshoes. If you know members of The Training Co-op, you know they are some fit individuals who know a thing or two about training, motivation and fun. Snowshoeing is part of their regimen, and these Redfeathers are just the tool for the job.
  • Don’s Photo has generously provided a GoPro Helmet Hero camera.  Don’s Photo has been a driving force in photography since 1979, and is currently one of the largest independent photo retailers in Western Canada.  Watch for more news coming soon on the exciting role Don’s is playing in Actif Epica.

Thank you very much to our sponsors for these generous prize donations – your support is truly appreciated.

Reminder that registration for the bike and run challenge closes on February 13th.  All entrants will have a chance to win these and other great prizes.

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