Actif Epica-Snowshoe Poster

Actif Epica is a one-day, do-it-yourself outdoor active living celebration that will involve communities along the Crow wing Trail (part of the TransCanada Trail) in southeast Manitoba.

Set against the backdrop of a 125, 162 or 200km bike or run ultra marathon in the cold weather and brutal winds of a Southeastern Manitoba winter, festival sites will glow with the warmth of community spirit, the strength of human ingenuity and the beauty of having fun whatever the temperature.

Actif Epica is a human-powered event, bringing communities together in a DIY celebration of human ingenuity in a cold (very cold) winter environment.

The inaugural edition in 2012 attracted 32 racers and over a thousand co-event participants.

By 2014, the race saw 103 registrants (72 at the start line), accolades from across the biking and ultra marathon world, and significant media coverage, earning us the 2014 Manitoba Tourism Excellence Award.

Actif Epica has been listed as one of Canadian Cycling Magazine’s 10 Big Rides in Canada, and is a partner with Tuscobia Winter Ultra and Arrowhead Ultra135 in a triple crown event known as “The Order of the Hrimthurs.”

New for 2017, Actif Epica 162km run and 200km bike distances are qualifiers for the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

While the event draws its fair share of racers, the bulk of participants ride it as a challenging long ride and a unique winter experience. Participants have travelled to Manitoba for the experience from as far away as sunny California.

Actif Epica is a non-profit event. For inquiries, please contact us at actifepica@gmail.com

The 5 Actif Principles

You don’t have to be a racer to get involved. Join in with— or put on— your own Actif Epica event in keeping with our 5 principles:

  • Human powered – bike, walk, roll or slide.  Use the power inside you.
  • Environmentally sensitive – thoughtful decisions today mean we’ll have enough for everyone, forever.
  • Open and inclusive – Actif Epica is an accessible event that welcomes new friends and new experiences (note: this includes promotion of the event in both French and English—and hopefully Michif too).
  • Applied ingenuity – ours is one of the most extreme climates on the globe, and through creativity, adaptability and pluck, we have learned to make the most of it.
  • Celebrating place – our culture and landscape are unique and special—and they are profoundly integrated with who we are.