A day to remember

February 18th, 2012 marked the first ever Actif Epica outdoor winter event. 32 self-propelled human beings, including 3 runners and 29 cyclists embarked on an epic challenge of endurance, ingenuity and resilience over 130km (bike) and 80km (run). Hundreds turned out for Co-Actif events, including pick-up shinny with a sustainable twist and a community walk along the beautiful Seine River. A Yeti came out of hiding to watch it all and encourage the participants.

None of it would have been possible, were it not for the support of our volunteers and our sponsors.

So with that, Ian Hall and I would like to extend a big, big, thank you (ManiYeti hug, too) to the great Actif Epica volunteers.  The race would not have been possible without you, and your enthusiasm, initiative and general awesomeness added so much to the day.  The checkpoint crews offered warm and inviting stopping points for riders and visitors alike and our rovers helped keep racers’ spirits up in some of the roughest spots.  Thankfully, our medics weren’t required to use their expertise, but their presence and support were most reassuring.  Our race officiating team kept timing and results on track and our drivers got participants to the start line and home after the race.  The race reporting team made the race come alive for people following along online (racing vicariously), and we were honoured that the ManiYeti saw fit to grace us with his presence throughout the day.

Merci, also, to the host communities (and facilities) that opened their doors to us: the Belgian Club, St. Malo and Festival des Amis, St. Pierre Museum, Providence College, Niverville Arena, St. Adolphe Bible Fellowship Centre, University of Manitoba and Festival du Voyageur – thank you for hosting Actif Epica 2012.

We would also like to thank two wonderful sponsors in particular, and encourage Actif Epica enthusiasts to show their support in return.

The Winnipeg Committee for Safety supports, assists, stimulates and mobilizes the community on safety concerns and play an important role in advising City Hall and various City of Winnipeg departments on safety related issues. They recognize in practice on a regular basis the central role that human resilience and the strength of community play in making our city a safe and vibrant place. Our hope is that Actif Epica can help inspire the type of resilience and community spirit that can create vibrant and safe places to live, work and play in. We are very thankful for the committee’s financial contribution and encourage anyone with an interest in safety in Winnipeg to contact them and learn how they might contribute to their efforts.

Don’s Photo has been a driving force in photography since 1979, and is currently one of the largest independent photo retailers in Western Canada. They carry an outstanding array of top brand name cameras – from basic digital pocket models to professional digital SLR’s – all at very competitive prices. Their gracious support of our event by allowing our photographer Kyle Thomas free reign of rental equipment means we were able to capture the event in all its glory, and their provision of prizes allowed some of our racers to go home with cool gear.

Thank you. Merci.


Ian Hall & David Pensato

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  1. A huge thankyou and congratulations to you, Ian and David. You and all the other volunteers did a phenomenal job.

  2. I had a fantastic time, largely due to the trememdous support of all the volunteers and organizers of this event. Bravo! I can’t wait until next year’s event!

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