Coureur des Bois – Bienvenue!

An adventurer with many skills, the coureur des bois were adept at covering long distances, reliably, and fast.  We’re pleased to announce that Actif Epica will include a Coureur des bois class for those with running experience.  Are you up for an 80-mile trek along rivers and across the open prairie?  We want you.

With a one-hour earlier start time (7 a.m.), runners will have cutoffs of 12.5 hours for 38 miles (61km) and 14.0* hours for 62 miles (100km)**.  Since sleds are out for many of our gravel and dirt trails, runners will be able to stash gear at the half-way point.  This means this is a fast-packable ultra – everything you need on your back; the coureurs would be proud.  Up for it?  Register by February 13th!

*+/- 30 minutes, pending the final confirmation of the urban part of the route – still waiting to see if those rivers freeze – if they don’t we may juggle some miles and end up with an extra 30 minutes on one side or the other of the cutoff.  Any change to this cutoff will be the same for both runners and cyclists.  Completing 100km under 28 hours qualifies you as a finisher.

**Update February 5th: Actually, there won’t be a cutoff at 100km, the logistical reasons requiring it have been resolved – please ignore this point and enjoy your ride/run to the finish!


Questions?  Drop a comment and let us know.

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  1. Is that 100km in 14 hours, or 100km in 14 additional hours (26.5 total)?

    Is water available at all the checkpoints?

  2. Actually, there won’t be a 100km cutoff – I will clarify that in an update shortly. So just the 61km cutoff.
    And yes, water at all checkpoints. Runners can stash gear in their half-way drop bag, too.

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