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2015 Liveblog

Here it is! The Liveblog for 2015! Keep this page open for live updates as the day goes by!

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Race results are posted below in a nice table, and will be updated every 15-20 minutes.

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David Pensato 14/02/201508:57

A frigid start to the day. Definitely our coldest year.

David Pensato 14/02/201508:58

David Pensato 14/02/201509:00

We have our first DNF. Kevin Champaign, #12 had mechanical issues and won’t make it to St. Pierre.

David Pensato 14/02/201509:22

David Pensato 14/02/201509:23

It’s very cold. So cold, bikes are having difficulties.

David Pensato 14/02/201509:42

John Crolly, #27. DNF.

David Pensato 14/02/201510:31

Really hopping at St Pierre. But that spread between racers is growing quickly.

David Pensato 14/02/201510:31

David Pensato 14/02/201511:09

24 already through St Pierre.

David Pensato 14/02/201511:32

Thanks to the The Niverville Heritage Centre for once again supplying delicious hot soup to our riders and runners.

Three of whom are about to come in!

David Pensato 14/02/201512:12

A lot of people making the wise decision to bow out.

David Pensato 14/02/201514:18

Looking to follow along, or even catch some of the action? Have a look at our handy guide:

David Pensato 14/02/201516:38

Dan Lockery and Adam Frederiksen expected at the Forks any minute.

David Pensato 14/02/201516:58

Dan Lockery and Adam Frederiksen Finished!

David Pensato 14/02/201517:02

This is Dan’s second time earning The Order of the Hrimthurs.

David Pensato 16/02/201511:31

Timing Sheets updated below. Official Results to be posted shortly…

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